In a well defined area of southern New South Wales [Monaro region], specific populations of farm animals appear to have life spans that are beyond the life spans of animals elsewhere in Australia. The animals appear to stay younger for longer. The animals in southern New South Wales that demonstrate increased life spans consume magnesium and bicarbonate in alkaline drinking water. This drinking water originates from springs that are located at the base of ancient volcanoes. In the area of the volcanic springs, horses live over 40 years, sheep live to 20 years and cattle live to 25 years. The sheep and cattle in particular demonstrate outstanding health and fertility. Indeed, the incidence of twins in the sheep and cattle consuming magnesium and bicarbonate is many times the national average. The magnesium and bicarbonate consumed by these highly fertile animals is mimicked by medical specialists in the making of 'in vitro' fertilisation (IVF) solutions to induce changes in the seminal and oviductal fluids which are essential for human fertilisation.

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